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How Quiet Is It?

The Silencer, when used with a harmon mute, is as quiet as the leading practice mutes on the market today. Here are a few combinations we tested without and with The Silencer*:

JoRal (aluminum) W/O: 97dB W: 68dB

Harmon (aluminum) W/O: 96dB W: 71dB

Windy City (copper) W/O: 98dB W: 69dB

Windy City (aluminum) W/O 101dB W: 66dB

TrumCor Zinger W/O: 98dB W: 72dB

For comparative analysis, two of the most popular practice mutes were also measured. The Yamaha Silent Brass measured 80dB and the Best Brass warm up mute measured 72dB. 

*Player, mouthpiece, horn, and room were all consistent during the testing. Average room volume was 50dB. Physicality and equipment choice influence sound and volume. Your experience may vary slightly.

How Do I Use It?

1) Remove the stem from your favorite harmon-stye mute (be sure to remove any excess grease with a paper towel).

2) Firmly press and slightly turn The Silencer into the opening at the end of the mute to "seat" it as you would a mouthpiece in a mouthpiece receiver.

3) Play!

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