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Keep The Peace,

At Home And On The Road.


- The Silencer -
Used With A Harmon Mute, Is The Best Way To Practice When You Need To Keep A Low Profile
The Silencer


Why choose The Silencer?

Professional trumpet player, Matthew Anklan has developed a new and better way to practice discretely at home and on the road. Using a practice mute is a necessary evil, especially if you need to practice in a hotel room, or late at night. Using The Silencer with your favorite harmon-style mute* will give you an amazingly soft sound without the usual drawbacks and expense of a traditional practice mute.


The Silencer utilizes the harmon mute, which the traveling musician is likely to have with them anyway. With The Silencer in place, the intonation is spot on, the blow resistance is nearly the same as the open horn, and you will have extra room in your mute bag or trumpet case! 

  • The Silencer is quiet (-30 to -40 dB depending on mute type and material)

  • The Silencer provides enough feedback to the player to discourage overblowing

  • The Silencer does not cause body tension as other practice mutes tend to

  • The Silencer is the original practice aid of this type!


The Silencer has been play-tested with most of the popular harmon-style mutes on the market, each yielding excellent results. The Silencer is CNC machined and made of high quality aluminum. The finishing process is completed by hand by Matthew Anklan. The Silencer is 100% made in America by the music industry's leading craftsmen, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.


*The Silencer will not fit the EMO mute or the Tom Crown Wah Wah, but works perfectly with virtually every other harmon-style mute on the market.


The Silencer is used by many leading artists including:
Joey Tartell, Chad Shoopman, Paul Baron, Scott Belck, Vince DiMartino, James Moore, 
Fred Powell, Jeff Conrad, Greg Wing,
John Harner, Jose Sibaja, and MANY more.
"It's fantastic! The benefits to it vs. say the Silent Brass, the Silencer is so much smaller, it makes it completely ideal for travel. If you're already traveling your mutes, why pack the extra silent brass, or an additional practice mute? Also, price point! The Silencer is so much more affordable! The way I felt about the Silencer was that it allows you to play a mute you're already familiar with, and it will just reduce the volume knob. It's really a wonderfully designed product and I couldn't recommend it highly enough!
- Eric Siereveld, Professional Trumpet Player
"In the 80s I took some lessons with Arnie Chycoski. He highly recommended practicing in Harmon mute frequently because you could really hear when your tonal focus and pitch was dead on (or not). I think that is another advantage of your product. If you lose focus and play sharp or flat, you can really hear it. So, it's not just a practice mute. It's also a device that helps you find your pitch centers and tonal focus and set the feel of playing that way into body memory."
- Jeff Conrad, Professional Trumpet Player
"Very smart, I love it!" - Jose Sibaja, Boston Brass
"This thing is soo cool! My favorite combo is The Silencer with the Zinger!" - Trent Austin, Austin Custom Brass

"Matt, I just wanted to say thanks for a great product! [...] I was surprised by how small it is! I have a Gard mouthpiece pouch that will fit two mouthpieces in a pinch, and it fits perfectly in there, almost unnoticeable." - Bill Karow, Disney

"The Silencer is truly the real deal!  Coming from using a Silent Brass, the silencer offers not only a quieter sound, but less resistance and other issues typically attributed to practice mutes.  In the best way possible, it’s like it’s not even there!  Its utility and compact size make it perfect for any trumpet player who sees a lot of hotel rooms, works on a cruise ship, or just has to be able to play on the go.  I get home from my show late at night and managed to get an hour of practice in after work without waking my neighbors, my wife…or even the dog!  Excellent product, highly recommended!"

Matt McCarthy – Cirque Du Soleil

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