Stealth Black

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"Matt, I just wanted to say thanks for a great product! [...] I was surprised by how small it is! I have a Gard mouthpiece pouch that will fit two mouthpieces in a pinch, and it fits perfectly in there, almost unnoticeable." - Bill Karow, Disney

"The Silencer is truly the real deal!  Coming from using a Silent Brass, the silencer offers not only a quieter sound, but less resistance and other issues typically attributed to practice mutes.  In the best way possible, it’s like it’s not even there!  Its utility and compact size make it perfect for any trumpet player who sees a lot of hotel rooms, works on a cruise ship, or just has to be able to play on the go.  I get home from my show late at night and managed to get an hour of practice in after work without waking my neighbors, my wife…or even the dog!  Excellent product, highly recommended!"

Matt McCarthy – Cirque Du Soleil


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